Polina Kalashnikova
Artist & Illustrator
Polina Kalashnikova was born in 1995 in a small Russian town Tarusa, a cradle of many Soviet and Russian artists and poets. She started drawing since early childhood and had her first exhibition at the age of five. Polina got a degree in advertising and then a diploma in illustration at British Higher School of Design. Now she works as a freelance illustrator, making picture books and working for different media and brands. She draws mostly using markers and makes experiments with mixed media and ceramics. Main artistic credo of Polina is adapting professional illustration to childish style, creating works fulfilled with humorous details.

"I am an artist who appreciates, loves, and nurtures inner world of childhood. My job is a game for me. I cherish dashing childish freedom even though I am a grown-up person. In childhood we are not afraid to make mistakes, because we don’t even know that they exist or that there is a possibility of doing something wrong.

I love to observe the world, collect stories, and pass them through my perception filter. Objects after falling into my hands always transform, but stay recognizable, filled with happiness and beauty mentioned". 

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Polina Kalashnikova
Artist & Illustrator
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